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Rules and Regulations

1. Status of Collegian

As a beneficiary of an almshouse charity the Collegian is not a tenant. However the Trustees cannot ask the Collegian to leave unless there are exceptional circumstances such as when the Collegian ceases to be able to live independently (see 8 below) or be an eligible beneficiary of the charity or if the Collegian is in breach of his/her Collegian Undertaking


2. The Undertaking

Before admission, every Collegian shall sign an undertaking to observe these Rules and Regulations and the ‘Moving on’ Policy (see ‘Welfare’ 8 below) and in particular shall undertake that he or she and his or her spouse, partner or sibling where relevant, shall maintain friendly and respectful behavior to all other Collegians, College Staff, the Trustees and to all visitors to the College and to occupy the property quietly and with thought for other residents.


Should the President and Trustees be authorised by the Charity Commissioners to remove the College to another place at some future date, or to change the charitable purposes to which the Trust assets are applied, or to change the College’s Rules, Regulations and Scheme it should be understood that no Collegian shall be entitled to receive any compensation.


Failure by a Collegian to disclose any relevant information at the time of their original application and interview to become a Collegian will be deemed to be a breach of these Rules and, upon discovery, will entitle the President and Trustees to reconsider the Collegian’s status, possibly involving the setting aside of the Collegians appointment.


3. Conduct

A Collegian who, in the opinion of the Trustees, is guilty of any misconduct or behaviour likely to lead to disturbance or disharmony between the Collegians’, conduct likely to bring the College into disrepute or be in breach of these Rules, may be expelled by a Resolution of the Trustees which sets aside the Collegians appointment, and in case of urgent need may be deprived of his or her residence and all the privileges of membership of the College by order in writing of the President until the next meeting of the Trustees.


4. Surviving Occupant

On the death of a Collegian who co-habits, the surviving co-habitee shall be allowed to remain in occupation of the bungalow if he/she so wishes only if that co-habitee was also originally appointed to be a Collegian by the Trustees when he/she will remain a Collegian after such death.


If the surviving co-habitee was not originally appointed to be a Collegian by the Trustees such surviving co-habitee will be entitled upon the death of his/her co-habitee to apply to the Trustees to be appointed a Collegian. Upon such application if the Trustees decline to appoint such surviving co-habitee to be a Collegian he/she will be required to vacate the almshouse within a period of 3 months from the date of notification to such surviving co-habitee of the Trustees decision.


5. The Almshouses

On admission each Collegian shall be allocated a bungalow by the Trustees, which shall be occupied by that Collegian during his or her membership of the College. No alterations or additions shall be made to any part of the property without the prior written consent of the Surveyor acting on behalf of the Trustees. That prohibition extends to the plumbing, gas or electrical installations and decorative surfaces of the interior and exterior. The Surveyor will make annual visits to assess the repair and decorative order of each bungalow and will put in hand, as he determines and as is within his budgetary constraints, any repair or redecoration he considers necessary. The Chaplain should be informed if any repairs are necessary, including repairs to any of the services. Any very minor matter requiring adjustment can be referred to the Lodgekeeper. Collegians should permit reasonable access for inspection of their bungalows, for repairs and maintenance and for Portable Appliance Testing to be carried out. The use of paraffin oil and gas heaters is strictly prohibited. Please consult the Chaplain before you use additional heaters. The cleaning and care of the interior of each bungalow is the responsibility of the Collegian. In the event of a portable appliance not being passed fit for use on testing, the Trustees reserve the right to remove the appliance from the Bungalow without replacement or payment of any compensation to the Collegian.


In November 2009 the loft insulation was substantially increased to comply with current standards and as a result for health and safety reasons Collegians are no longer permitted to use the loft space for substantial storage. With the prior written consent of the Clerk it is permitted for Collegians to have minimal storage of light items in the immediate vicinity of the access trap so that those items can be accessed without moving off the loft ladder. These should be small items, light in weight, and could of course include items of value to the Collegian. Such items should be placed so that they do not need to be moved by Contractors entering the roof space for maintenance purposes.


In the event of a bungalow requiring major repair work the Trustees may require a Collegian to vacate the bungalow they have been allocated and move to another bungalow or other accommodation while the work is carried out. A Collegian will normally be given at least one month’s warning.


In exceptional circumstances the Trustees may also require a Collegian to vacate the bungalow they have been allocated and move to other accommodation that the Trustees will provide.


6. Gardens

The area within the fence – in front of un-refurbished and behind refurbished bungalows - is the responsibility of the Collegian. No greenhouse or garden shed should be erected without the prior written consent of the Surveyor on behalf of the Trustees.
At the front of the upgraded bungalows only two plant containers of a reasonable size and two hanging baskets are allowed for the Collegian’s gardening use, but these must not obstruct the mower or become a nuisance. Other than a mobility scooter nothing else can be stored or displayed in this area. All refuse is to be bagged according to whether recyclable or not and placed in the large wheelie bin at the rear of the bungalow.


7. Next of Kin, Will, Solicitor, Power of Attorney

Each Collegian is asked to inform the Chaplain, in writing and in confidence, of the details of the Collegian’s next of kin, whether or not the Collegian has left a will and, if so, where it is held in safe keeping and the names and addresses of the Executors. Alternatively, each Collegian should give the name and address and telephone number of his or her solicitor and confirmation in writing that the solicitor has the authority to provide that information. The Collegian should give the Chaplain details of their GP and surgery.


Collegians should give careful consideration to signing a lasting power of attorney dealing with Health & Welfare and Property & Financial matters in favour of a person or persons of their choosing, other than the Chaplain, so that in the event of his or her mental or physical incapacity, his or her affairs can be dealt with by others.


8. Welfare

There are no facilities within the College for those Collegians whose physical and/or mental needs become such that those needs would be better served by a care home/nursing home or other similar facility. The President and Trustees reserve the right to set aside a Collegian’s appointment, if in their opinion this situation arises. In the case of couples, the remaining occupant may remain in occupation if he/she is still able to look after him/herself and if that occupant was also originally appointed to be a Collegian by the Trustees.


If the remaining occupant was not originally appointed to be a Collegian by the Trustees such remaining occupant will be entitled, upon the departure of the Collegian, to apply to the Trustees to be appointed a Collegian. Upon such application if the Trustees decline to appoint such remaining occupant to be a Collegian he/she will be required to vacate the almshouse within a period of 3 months from the date of notification to such remaining occupant of the Trustees decision.


By signing these rules the Collegian acknowledges and agrees to see the relevant Local Authority, appropriate body, GP or Specialist and to a copy of the assessment or report being released to any Trustees if requested by them.


9. Leave of Absence

In the interests of security, Collegians are required to inform the Chaplain and the Lodgekeeper as far in advance as possible if they expect to be absent from the College, and to leave a forwarding address and telephone number with them. The Trustees expect the Collegians not to be absent for more than a period of eight weeks in total in any twelve month period unless the reasons are exceptional, when the Trustees’ agreement should first be obtained.


10. Visits

Each Collegian may have a friend or relative to stay in the bungalow for a short period, normally not exceeding four weeks with the prior consent of the Chaplain. In the interests of security, the Chaplain and the Lodgekeeper must always be informed. Neither the Collegian(s) nor any relation or guest of his/her/theirs will be a tenant or licensee of Huggens College, or have any legal interest in his/her/their bungalow. Friends, relatives and guests staying in the College do so at their own risk and are subject to these rules and regulations, where applicable. Collegians should neither overuse nor abuse this privilege.


11. The Chaplain

The Chaplain is appointed by the Trustees to care for the spiritual welfare and oversee the physical wellbeing of the members of the College. The Trustees also appoint him/her as Chair of any College committees. The Chapel and the College Room (including games equipment) are his/her responsibility. Collegians shall cooperate with the Chaplain in the discharge of his/her duties.


Apart from his/her clerical duties, the Chaplain is also responsible to the Trustees for the security of the College buildings and property and he/she has their authority to call for assistance from the Police, the Local Authority, or any other agency, or the Trustees’ Surveyor or Clerk, as he/she thinks fit.


12. The Lodgekeeper

The Lodgekeeper is answerable to the Chaplain acting on behalf of the Trustees. Except in emergency or in the case of minor repairs, any request from a Collegian for the help of the Lodgekeeper should be made to the Chaplain in the first place. Each Collegian is supplied with a card bearing the word “LODGEKEEPER” which should be put in the window of the bungalow before 9.00am if the help of the Lodgekeeper is required. Collegians should neither over-use nor abuse this facility, particularly outside the Lodgekeeper’s normal working hours.


13. The Support Worker

The Collegian’s own Doctor is responsible for prescribing any treatment or medication to the Collegian. The Support Worker reports to the Chaplain. Any Collegian wishing to have a visit from the Support Worker should put the card bearing the word “SUPPORT WORKER” in the window of their bungalow by 9.00am. Each Collegian is asked to inform the Support Worker and Chaplain if he or she is unwell at any time.


The Support Worker is not employed to provide Collegians with medical advice and is not qualified to do so. Collegians should not therefore seek such advice from the Support Worker which must be obtained from his/her own doctor.


14. Protection of Possessions

The Trustees shall not be liable for any loss arising to the Collegians from loss or damage to personal property. Collegians should ensure their bungalows are kept secure and they should arrange for their possessions to be properly insured at their own expense.


15. Maintenance Charges

15.1 Each Collegian is responsible for the payment in advance of his/her monthly maintenance charge to the Trustees. This payment must be made by a monthly standing order into an account administered by the Clerk. Details will be provided either by the Chaplain or the Clerk.


15.2 In the event of a Collegian being in arrear with payment of his/her monthly maintenance charge he/she will, at the request of the Clerk, sign such letter of authority in favour of Huggens College, in the form required by the Clerk, addressed to the payer of any State or other benefits to which the Collegian may be entitled, to make the payment as the Clerk may from time to time direct until such arrears have been discharged.


15.3 In the event of the death of a Collegian, their personal representatives are responsible for the payment of all arrears of maintenance charge for the period, calculated on a daily basis, until the bungalow is cleared of all possessions and the keys returned to the Chaplain.


15.4 In the event of a Collegian wishing to vacate a bungalow he/she must give the Trustees one month’s notice in writing. During this notice period the Collegian will be liable for one month’s maintenance charge even if he/she has already moved out.


15.5 In the event of a Collegian being in arrears with payment of his/her monthly maintenance charge, the Trustees on first giving the Collegian notice in writing may set aside the Collegian’s appointment and recover possession of the Collegian’s bungalow. On receipt of this notice the Collegian will have two months in which to vacate the bungalow, pay all arrears of maintenance charge in full, clear all his/her possessions and return the keys to the Chaplain. The Trustees reserve the right to dispose of the Collegian’s possessions remaining in the bungalow at the end of the two month period referred to above and retain any disposal proceeds.


16. Council Tax

The tax due on each bungalow is payable to Gravesham Borough Council and is the responsibility of the individual Collegian.


17. Utilities

Where the accounts from the utility supplier(s) of the time, for all utilities including gas, electricity, telephone, broadband and water supplied to the bungalow occupied by him or her are sent direct to each Collegian he/she is responsible for their payment. Accounts for any maintenance and repair of gas, electrical, telephone and water, broadband or other IT equipment are also the responsibility of each Collegian, with the exception of the cost of the maintenance and repair of the central heating equipment, which is borne by the Trustees.


18. TV Licence

Collegians do not need to have an individual TV Licence as the Trustees pay for a corporate concessionary license covering all Collegians. To this end the Chaplain may require details of the collegians’ National Insurance numbers.


19. Pets

Pets should not be kept without the prior written consent of the Trustees. Dogs cannot be kept in the College grounds. If allowed by the Trustees no more than two cats can be kept by a Collegian who must ensure that they are neutered and do not cause any nuisance to other Collegians.


20. Motor Vehicles

The prior written consent of the Trustees is required for Collegians to bring a motor vehicle (including motor cycles) into the College. If authorised, any motor vehicle must be kept in a parking bay as authorised by the Chaplain. Each household may have only one vehicle. Please refer to the Notes for collegians which detail the conditions under which the Collegians can use the parking bays.


21. Trade, Business and Employment

No Collegian shall take part in any trade or business at or from his or her bungalow without obtaining written consent from the Trustees.


No Collegian shall be employed or self-employed in a full or part-time capacity without obtaining written consent from the Trustees.


22. Laundry

For the personal use of collegians only there is a laundry with two washing machines, two tumble driers and a spin drier. Each Collegian has the use of this for two hours each week, allocated by the Chaplain.


23. Gates

Each Collegian is provided with a key to the College gates. These are closed at 9.30pm and opened before 7.00am each day unless otherwise notified.


24. Complaints Procedure

A copy of the Complaints Procedure is available from the Chaplain.


25. Revision of Rules and Regulations

The Trustees may take such steps as they think proper in the administration of the Trust and for Collegians’ welfare and the Trustees reserve the right to alter, amend and add to the Rules and Regulations for the proper conduct of the College and Collegians.


Moving on policy

Huggens College aims to maintain an environment that supports Collegians for as long as possible, in line with the guidelines of the Almshouse Association ‘Standards of Almshouse Management 2014’. The deterioration in health or ability to remain independent is usually a gradual process and during this period options for the future need to be explored both with the Collegian and their family or next of kin.

Huggens College does not provide personal care and Collegians should be willing to accept advice and guidance from time to time from their own doctor. The Chaplain will consult with their next of kin, Social Services, etc. to make the most suitable arrangements.

The Trustees realise that there are variable care packages available from the local authority. Huggens College cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of any services that Collegians receive from the local authority or outside agencies, although the needs of Collegians can often be met for some time within the College from such services. When this is no longer possible, or the Collegian is posing a risk to others and/or him/herself, the issue of moving on has to be raised, discussed and resolved. The well-being of the Collegian remains uppermost in everyone’s mind at this time.


It is not always possible for Collegians to remain in their bungalow for as long as they would wish. It is a very difficult time when a Collegian has to move on from being independent and living in their own home. Every effort should be made to achieve a move by consensus.


A condition of occupancy is that each Collegian signs a copy of these Rules and Regulations and the ‘Moving On’ Policy signifying agreement to abide by them. The Collegian will retain a signed copy.

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