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Huggens College Trustees

The College is governed by up to twelve Trustees, one of whom acts as President, usually for a period of three years. There should always be at least seven Trustees. The Trustees are unpaid volunteers.


The Trustees are selected so that between them there is a wide range of skills and experience. The current Trustees include people with experience of health, law, property, local government, banking and investment management. Many are also Trustees of other charities and voluntary organisations.


The Trustees employ seven staff to run the College day to day.


David Newlyn
Clerk to the Trustees
The Trustees are supported by a Clerk who helps with their meetings, deals with correspondence and enquiries and manages the Charity’s finances.


The Clerk works from home but the other five staff are employed at the College.


Ted Goodyer
There is a resident chaplain who organises the day-to-day running of Huggens College and looks after the wellbeing of the residents.


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Liz Goodyer
Administrative Assistant
Liz provides administrative support to the Chaplain.


Chris Hamper
The lodgekeeper, who also lives on the premises, helps the chaplain in his work and is the first port of call should there be a problem with a Collegian's bungalow.


Janet Gisby
Support Worker
There is a support worker who visits the College each weekday to provide assistance to anyone who should need it.


Julian Weston
There is gardener who, with the Lodgekeeper, keeps the grounds looking immaculate.


Julie Frost
The cleaner maintains the Chapel, College Room and Laundry.


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