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Community Life

Huggens College is much more than 30 modern, well-appointed, bungalows, each with a small manageable garden. It is a vibrant community. The Chapel is at the heart of that community, offering a round of regular services with Easter, Harvest and Christmas specially highlighted. Each year the Trustees and residents join together to celebrate Founder’s Day. After the services there is a cup of tea or coffee in the College Room and a chance to chat.


The College Room is in constant use by the Collegians. Various self-organised groups meet there to knit, or sing or fund-raise for charity. It regularly hosts talks by guest speakers, often followed by a fish and chip supper, and film nights. It also houses a small library supplied with books by the Kent Council Library services.


The College grounds are used in the summer for a variety of events including BBQs, strawberry teas and even a keenly contested annual croquet match “Collegians v Trustees”.


Collegians get together outside of the College grounds too. That may be simply an informal group going to a local pub or restaurant for Sunday lunch, an organised ramble in the nearby Kent countryside or more structured outings to the theatre, cinema and places of interest.


Here is what some Collegians have said about College life.


“We have enjoyed several outings and I have been privileged to lead a number of Rambles locally. We have certainly enjoyed a variety of social events organised by various Collegians and always accompanied by food!” Dick Mineard


“Life for me at Huggens College since I become a Collegian in May 2001 has emphatically never been dull. The Collegiate environment allows ample opportunities for interaction with colleagues whilst also respecting the individual’s privacy and other interests. There is, and has been, a wide choice of functions over the years held regularly in The College Room to suit every taste.” Sam Luckin


“The college was a refuge and I could not believe how lucky I was to get a place as a collegian. I at once enjoyed the atmosphere and friendship of the place.” John Bennett


“Huggens College is a diverse set of people who come bringing a wide variety of interesting life stories and experiences. This relative wide range of ages, of mobility, of interest has spawned a range of social groups, singing, films and DVDs, joining in local societies and events, knitting, gentle rambling, barbeques are all enjoyed here. It becomes a community in a wider sense because, as we all live close by (albeit independently), we all know and look out for each other.” Margaret Ward


“[There is] a sense of having come to rest in a place where there are shared beliefs, a shared ethos, a shared care and concern for each other expressed in many different ways.” Barbara Logsdon


“Life at Huggens is a flowing, living kaleidoscope of images, feelings and sensations. When my wife, Ann, and I came to the College from [our] very first moment, [we] felt at home. If I had to write just one word it would be that Huggens College has … élan.” Tony Patey


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